i-Round Up Savings

Saving, simplified.

i-Round Up is a perfect, proactive option for customers holding both an i-bank Checking account and a Savings account. When you use your i-bank debit card, the purchase will automatically be rounded up to a full dollar amount of your choosing, with the amount of the round up added to your Savings account.

Increasing your Savings just became effortless.

  • Round up from $1 to $9 per transaction
  • 24-hour account access

To register for i-Round Up, fill out the attached form and drop it off at any of our convenient branch locations.

Terms: i-Round Up is a free service for all i-bank customers who have a checking account, debit card and a Savings or Money Market account. The automatic i-Round Up transfers will be made from your Checking account to your Savings or Money Market account.


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