Switch Kit

Declare your independence and make the switch!  It’s an easy process to become an i-bank customer. In fact, we do most of the work.

There are a couple of ways to start. You can drop by any branch location or apply for your new i-bank account online.  We will guide you through the next steps, but we've compiled everything you need to make the switch in our handy Switch Kit

  • After opening your Independent Bank checking account, stop using your old checking account and make sure all checks have cleared; this takes roughly 10 days. Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover any pending automatic withdrawals.

  • Notify your direct deposit vendors that you have a new checking account. (This may include payroll, social security, CD interest payments, etc.)

  • Notify the vendors who automatically withdraw money from your account that you have a new checking account. You may wish to transfer the withdrawal or cancel it. (This may include utilities, insurance companies, internet service providers, mortgage payments, car payments, etc.)

  • Cancel any payments being made through a bill payment service and sign up for Independent Bank's Online Bill Payment so that you can have complete control over when all of your bills are paid—hassle-free.

  • Notify your old financial institution that you are closing your checking account(s).

Important Information

Some companies require the use of their own forms to initiate the switch. In order to help facilitate this change from your previous account to your new Independent Bank account, please provide your current banking information, including a previous bank statement and any forms supplied to you by your employer or party originating the debit or credit.