Enhanced Multifactor Authentication

Your online security has always been a top priority.

That’s why Enhanced Multifactor Authentication (EMFA) is so important. This security service is free, easy, and most importantly, gives you extra protection from fraud and identity theft.

Authentication is the process used to allow access to only the correct customer.  Without effective authentication controls, it is possible for fraudulent users to access your account. We authenticate customers by issuing challenges that only the true customer should be able to pass.

Multifactor Authentication means two or more different types, or factors of authentication must be passed. By using two different factors of authentication, we get a higher assurance that the customer is the correct intended user.  MFA is commonly used to protect transactions at ATMs, where your card is something you have, and your PIN code is something you know.  Similarly with EMFA, your phone is something you have, and your password is something you know.
For convenience, after you successfully authenticate with your password and One-Time Passcode (OTP), you may enroll your computer for use in authentication.  A special Browser Cookie will be present on the system, which will act in place of your phone for something you have in your possession.

Additionally, we also offer Time-based One Time Passcode (TOTP).  TOTP allows you to utilize authenticator apps (e.g., Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator) to complete the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) process, rather than receiving a call, text, or email. This mechanism provides a more secure method of one-time passcode delivery to users, and is not dependent on specific countries, allowing for MFA use during international travel.



Protect Your Privacy

  • Monitor your postal mail. 
  • Don't give out your personal information freely. 
  • Check your credit  report annually.
  • Shred documents containing personal information before discarding them