Delete or Hold Your Online and Mobile Banking

At Independent Bank, we're committed to offering you not only secure and convenient banking services, but also empower you to make choices that suit your personal needs. We offer both a digital banking deletion as well as an identity theft plant-your-flag security solution.

Delete All Online and Mobile Banking Services

If you wish to delete your digital banking account (the account you use to log in to our online banking system and our mobile app), please email the bank at You must be a current digital banking customer. Once your digital banking account has been deleted:

  • You will no longer be able to log into online banking or the i-bank mobile app.
  • You will not be able to see electronic copies of past account statements. If you have opted in to receive electronic statements, and if another account signer is not impacted, your statement preferences will be changed to receive future statements by mail.
  • Any activity you previously set up within online banking or our mobile app will be disabled and deleted. This includes real-time account alerts, bill payments and payee information, external transfers to other people or accounts, cross-customer transfers, scheduled or recurring transfers, as well as any history for any of these services.

Your i-bank deposit and loan accounts will remain open and unaffected. This request is only used for deleting your digital banking profile.

Plant-Your-Flag Security

We understand that security is paramount, which is why we've also developed the Plant-Your-Flag Stopper, an innovative security measure that ensures your data remains safe even as you bid farewell to your digital banking profile.

Customers who have concerns about identity theft, may choose to instead leave the digital banking profile in place, but on a permanent backend hold. This will prevent an identity thief from registering with your personal information. It will then act as a preventative "plant-your-flag" stopper. If you wish to hold your digital banking account, please email the bank at

Both the digital banking deletion and the “plant-your-flag” stopper will prevent you from accessing your digital banking or mobile app.

Your information will be reviewed and the digital banking team will remove your digital banking credentials within 3 business days. You will receive a confirmation letter once the digital banking profile has been removed.