Welcome to i-bank.

You’re a person – not a number.

When we opened our doors 20 years ago, we decided to take a different approach to banking. It wasn’t all about numbers. i-bank was built for you because you deserve a trustworthy partner — for your needs today, and your dreams tomorrow.

So, we try to put ourselves in your shoes, anticipating the services and amenities that would make your life less complicated.

Serving Heroically

What you do is a statement.  How you do it is a story.

Around here, we care more about people than institutions, actions more than words, ability shown more than claimed, about others more than self.  We care about individual responsibility and shared community.  We care about respect and resolve, compassion and commitment, mind and spirit, about a sense of what’s right, a sense of honor, and a sense of humor.

We look for and to people who care about those things.  And they tell stories about them.

Stories about things made possible through the extra effort of others, about people who believed in them when others doubted, who stood by them when others faltered.  Stories about an unexpected helping hand, a fast but still dependable answer, a surprising idea, a new and better way than the same old way.  About a cup of coffee, a first name and a lasting smile. 

The stories of our customers tell our story.  How we do what we do makes it worth the telling.

We strive to be heroic.