Having a pet can make a house a home but what do you do when the fur flies everywhere?  It makes you sneeze, you find it in your salad, and it’s embarrassing when it sticks to your clothes.  Still, if you have a dog or cat, the hair left on couches, chairs, carpeting and clothes is just a tradeoff for the love and amusement gained. 

Here are some things you can do though to make pet hair removal easier to accomplish:

  1. Get pet hair out of carpet by combining in a spray bottle one part liquid fabric softener and one part water.  Then mist over carpet.  Let it dry and then vacuum.  The fabric softener will loosen the hair so it’s easier for the vacuum to pick it up!

  2. If your couch is covered with pet hair here’s a neat trick.  Mist a cloth with hairspray then use it to wipe over pet-hair-covered surfaces and carpets.  It will only take a few seconds to pick up those stray hairs.

  3. Use an old hairbrush on really thickly-covered areas of carpet to get the majority up before you vacuum.

  4. Roll tape sticky side out over your hand.  This works great for emergency clean ups of pet hair from clothes or chairs.

  5. Static electricity attracts pet hair, so use an inflated balloon to gather the fur.  Rub the balloon over the surface and the stray hairs will jump onto the rubber.  Then hold the balloon over the trash, or in a plastic bag before you pop it.

  6. Wet your hand.  The dampness will weigh the hair down and allow you to roll it into a ball away from the surface or fabric.

  7. You can put on a latex glove or a rubber glove to remove pet hair.  Rub the surface with your gloved hand to gather the hair.  Lightly dampen for an enhanced effect.

Once you remove the pet hair from your home and clothes you can keep the furriness to a minimum by vacuuming regularly, grooming your pets daily, and washing their bedcovers as often as needed.