Feeding your family healthy meals doesn't have to be hard or expensive. With a bit of creativity, you can figure out ways to make nutritious meals without breaking the bank. That way everyone benefits - your family and your wallet!

Here are some quick ways to save money!

  1. Eat out less frequently. You'll be doing two amazing things:

    • Saving money - Preparing your own meals reduces your food expenses since eating out usually costs more than you think.

    • Eating healthier - Going out for dinner usually means you don't know what goes into your food.You may think you're getting something "healthy", but it's not always so, and often isn't nutritious enough for you.

  2. Grow your own food. Plant some vegetables and herbs at home to save money. Even if you don't have much space, it's still doable with containers or pots. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the savings you get from growing your own food!

    • Growing your own herbs and veggies is a great way to get organic produce that's fresh, nutritious, and tastes delicious. Plus, you can save yourself some money compared to buying them from the store.

Cooking Techniques That Are Affordable and Healthy

  1. Go grilled, not fried. If you have kids in your family, then there's a great chance that they will want kid friendly meals like fish fingers or chicken nuggets. While those items may not necessarily be very expensive in the supermarket, they're not as nutritious as their grilled counterparts.

    • You can easily make healthy versions of your kids' favorites by either grilling or oven-cooking them instead of frying.

  2. Make homemade condiments.Try making your own condiments instead of getting the store-bought stuff. You can make delicious relishes and sauces that cost less than the ones you find in stores - plus you'll be skipping out on all the unhealthy ingredients!

  3. Make your own juice. You'd be surprised at the amount of sugar and fake sweetener in the store-bought 'zero sugar' juices. DIY is a great way to go! It's way cheaper to buy local, in-season fruit and make your own juices instead of buying pre-made ones. Plus, it's healthier too!


A lot of people mistakenly choose more expensive yet less healthy options for their families as they assume that healthy foods are more costly. Although pricier options may exist, being creative and using your imagination can let you save money while still getting nutritious meals.

Now is the perfect opportunity to flex your mental muscles and search for more intelligent ways to consume food that not only improve your health but also save you money. Your financial situation doesn't have to limit your diet; get creative and come up with meal plans that are both nutritious and cost-effective!